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Dist. 20 Line Officers are pleased to announce the addition of Utility 2071

a 2008 Chevy Crew Cab Pick-up Truck for use as a support vehicle/ Fire
Police Truck. At this time the roof is getting painted white and the
UHF/VHF radios are being installed. All the emergency lights are here to
be put on the truck, The cap and slide out tray are ordered. Once back
from paint members are going to start the installation of all the emergency
lighting, siren and speaker to keep the cost down. Once the cap and bed
slide out tray is installed it will go to Dawns Graphics in Weatherly to get
lettered and then be put into service for the residents of Weatherly Boro .
Check back for pics!
Sept. 27,2013

We are making good progress on the new truck. We would like to say a
special thank you to Paul's Service Center for painting our new truck for
us. After we received  the truck back it  was then taken to Fox Truck Caps
to have the cap and bed slide installed (looks good).  We also have the
siren and light bar installed already and the rest of the lights will be
installed on Saturday . Next week the truck will get lettered.  

Don't forget about  our Fall Raffle at  station 20 on November 15, 2013
other items to purchase to snack on at the kitchen (our Ladies Auxiliary will
be manning the kitchen) . Open to the public ! Hope to see everybody
there enjoying a good fun filled night out with our firefighters and their
Today Oct. 26, 2013 at 08:00 HRS. Dist. 20 assisted Packer Twp.
Supervisors with a controlled Burn on their  property on Packer Drive.
Everything went smooth and without incident and a special thanks to the
members that assisted in this project from Chief Weston.
Wednesday     Nov. 27 ,2013

2001 is pleased to announce that 2071 is now in service for the
Residents of Weatherly Borough and Packer Twp.. It will be used as a
Support /Fire Police/ Utility  vehicle for all calls.
Thursday        Dec. 12 , 2013

Dist. 20 elections of officers for the 2014 year  will take place on
Thursday Dec. 19, 2013 @ 7:30 pm  at the fire station. Food and
refreshments will be served after the meeting is over. Hope to see all
the members there ! 2001
past  call


Do you have a little
free time and want to
help the community
and Citizens' Fire Co. !
Please call the fire
station @
570-427-8741 (leave
message) or call the
Fire Chief Don
Weston @
570-582-9080 or see
any member to fill out
an application. We
would be glad to have
you as part of our
growing team .

Thank You ,Chief
Weston   2001

Be sure to check out the
training link for the
updated training list. It will
be updated monthly.

Chief  Weston

Friday  April 4 ,2014           SPRING  RAFFLE

Don't forget that this Friday is our annual SPRING RAFFLE at the Fire
House starting at 7pm. There will be free hot dogs and beverages also
there will be other item to purchase from the kitchen. HOPE TO SEE
Sunday    April  5, 2014        @ 15:37  HRS.

Dist. 20  (2051) along with Dist. 21 and Dist. 29 were dispatched by
Carbon County for a reported M.V.C. on the planes Road in Banks
Twp. , While 2051 was en-route to the scene they were cancelled
by a Dist. 21 officer on scene due to no injuries or fluids down.
Wednesday     April 9, 2014         @   17:34    HRS.

Dist. 20 along with Dist. 21 were dispatched by Carbon County for
a reported M.V.C. at 101 Berwick Street in Beaver Meadows, While
Dist. 20 was en-route to the scene they were cancelled by Dist. 21
command on scene.
Friday        April  11, 2014      @   18:50      HRS.

Dist. 20 along with a full first alarm were dispatched by Carbon
County for a reported Dwelling Fire at 29 Carbon Street in
Weatherly Boro, Upon arrival of 2002 found a smoke condition in an
apartment building and had the first engine lay in , further
investigation with the T.I.C. found the smoke condition came from a
small fire in a garbage can in the apartment. The fire was knocked
down with a water can and then removed from the structure and the
apartment was ventilated . All units were then released as per 2002.
Monday        April 14, 2014       @   12:44   HRS.

Dist. 20 was dispatched by Carbon County  to assist Dist. 19 on a
Rescue in the Glenn Onoko Falls area in there coverage area ,
Once 2051 got on-scene on top of the Broad Mtn. 1901 released
2051 due to the patient being found and extricated by Dist.11,13,5
on the bottom of the falls.
Monday      April 14, 2014         @  14:58    HRS.

Dist. 20 was dispatched by Carbon County for an stand-by at the  
Freeland Fire Station , After a hour or two of standing-by  2013
was released from the Freeland Chief to return Weatherly Boro.
Friday      April 25, 2014         @  11:05     HRS.

Dist. 20 ( Tanker 2031) was dispatched by Carbon County for a
mutual aid assist to Foster Twp in Luzerne County for a large
Brush Fire endangering multiple homes in Hickory Hills , Upon
arrival of 2031 they supplied water for numerous pumpers in an
effort to save all the structures and extinguish the brush fire. Hours
later in started to rain and assisted firefighters in the control of the
fire. Multiple company's from three county's assisted in this very
large fire. A great job by all en-voled to extinguish this very
stubborn and fast moving fire and no structures were lost in the
fire. Foster Command then released 2031 to return.
Saturday        April 26, 2014         @ 04:26     HRS.

Dist. 20 ( Rescue 2051 and tanker 2031) were dispatched by
Carbon County to assist Dist. 18 with a working Dwelling Fire 0n
River Road, Upon arrival of 2051 the crews were sent to help with
fire control and ventilation and 2031 assisted with the  water supply
to the scene to supply the two pumpers and Ladder 1721 (Lake
Harmony). Once the fire was brought under control both units were
released as per 1801.
Monday        April 28, 2014         @ 22:21      HRS.

Dist. 20 all with a full first alarm were dispatched by Carbon County
for a reported Structure Fire at 300 Commerce Street (Weatherly
Casting) in Weatherly Boro, Upon arrival of 2001 found nothing
showing from the exterior and then saw  the callers standing on
Commerce Street and found out what they thought was a fire was
normal operation at the facility . All units were then cancelled as per
Sunday        May 11, 2014       @ 16:35   HRS.

Dist. 20 along with Dist. 19 were dispatched by Carbon County for a
reported  motorcycle accident with injuries on South Lehigh Gorge
Drive, upon arrival of 1902 air medical helicopters were requested
and Dist. 20 was sent to a near-by parking lot at a farm close by to
set up a landing zone for two incoming air medical helicopters .Dist.
19 handled  patient packaging due to extended arrival times of the
medic trucks and the next B L S unit. Once both helicopters were  in
the air Dist. 20 was released as per 1901.
Sunday       May 11, 2014        @   22:43    HRS.

Dist. 20 along with Dist. 21 and 29 were dispatched by Carbon
County for a reported Dwelling Fire in the area of 4 Broad Street in
Beaver Meadows, upon arrival of 2101 and 2112 found it to be a
camp fire and that the smoke was entering a neighbors house
making them think their house was on fire . All units were cancelled
and released as per 2101.
Monday         May 12, 2014        @  07:29   HRS.

Dist. 20 was dispatched by Carbon County  for a 2nd alarm
assignment into Luzerne County in  White Haven Boro for multiple  
working Structure Fires ( two residential homes) , Upon arrival of
White Haven engine found a working fire that had spread to another
structure and quickly called for a second and third alarm . Upon
arrival  of 2013 and 2051 we were broke up into two crews , one crew
filled air bottles while the other  crew assisted in fire control in the
second structure. Once Weatherly crews were relieved we were
re-directed to hit a hydrant to supply Ladder 136 (Freeland Fire) with
two 3 inch lines in case ladder pipe operations were needed. It took
many Fire Departments  from three County's to bring the two
stubborn working fires under control due to the plank construction
and one home having a hording problem on all the floors, Extensive
overhaul was done on both structures . Once we put all the 3 inch
hose and L D H back on 2013 we assisted White Haven in rolling
some hose and cleaning up  tools. White Haven command then
released all Dist. 20 to return.